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How often gates need repairs?

Obviously, you won't repair parts in good condition but it's advisable by Gate Repair Yonkers to inspect and fix them before they are completely worn. That's why rolling gate maintenance has such great value! Of course, parts should be repaired the minute they start malfunctioning.

Can I have my gates custom made?

You can have your gates custom made and you can also choose the design, style or to put your family emblem. You just need to remember that security comes before aesthetics. So, invest in good materials and the type of gate that will suit best your property.

What is the usual cause of gate damage?

All gates get damages through daily use because of wear and tear. However our experts at Gate Repair Yonkers know that some gates get damaged more often than others. Extreme temperatures can accelerate the development of rust. Gates with automatic systems are especially prone to the elements as gate controls can malfunction due to extreme heat or cold.

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