Pedestrian Doors Are a Must

Pedestrian Doors Are a Must

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A man is running to go through the vehicular automatic rolling gate but his jacket gets caught and his trapped among the pillar and the panel. The sensors have stopped the gate at the last minute but haven't reversed it. The man hardly breathes until a car comes along and reopens the gate. This incident is far from fictional! It is rather a very realistic version of what could happen when pedestrians use the driveway gate and not a pedestrian door. In fact, things would have been worst and the man could have been badly injured if it were for an overhead gate without the proper sensing features. Do you still feel pedestrian doors are just for show?

Protect your life with a pedestrian walk gate

Pedestrian Doors Are a MustPedestrian doors are far from luxurious assets! They are equally important to having good sensors at the automatic roll up or any other type of electric gate that will actually both reverse and stop the movement should someone is coming through. They are extremely important for all properties and especially those with hundreds of tenants, like apartment buildings, or thousands of people coming and go through commercial rolling gates in places,like zoos, parks, offices and any other public facility or establishment.

In fact, pedestrian walk gates are a must for people's safety. After all, we can all be easily hit by a speeding car when going through a rolling gate designed solely for vehicles. That's why many properties have installed speed bumps to make drivers slow down when they are passing through. The bad thing is that gate operators are not designed for pedestrian applications and that's why gates can be a great safety hazard. Accidents have happened with people trying to jump over the gate!

Besides, it would be far more convenient having a separate door right next to the main vehicular entrance or even farther if there is lack of space. Wouldn't you walk a few extra feet in order to have peace of mind that you and your family are all safe when you decide to go for a walk? Why take your chances! Make wise decisions and invest in products that will probably save your life.

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