Learn how to prepare the gate for painting and how to maintain it.

If you want to check the gate sensors, repair the opener and paint the steel gates, read these tips.

Get the best phone enter system

Investing in good intercom systems is an excellent idea and the best way to reinforce security and enhance convenience according to Gate Repair Yonkers. There are actually many choices among wireless systems. Choose the most convenient ones to have a clear view and voice communication with visitors.

Replace components before they are worn

When it comes to automatic roll up gates, pay attention to the condition of the parts! Since the gate is responsible for your security, make sure it works fine. Worn parts ought to be in perfect condition. When you replace them early, you avoid safety hazards, too.

Electric gate features

Photocells play a pivotal role in the functioning of electric gates and they need to be fitted at the right height so that the signals are transmitted effectively. Ideally, photocells should stop a gate from closing in on any object or individual. Another safety feature is the safety edge which prevents the gate from closing if it comes in contact with any object. If there are children or pets in your home, we at gate repair Yonkers recommend installing this feature.

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