When Your Gate Malfunctions

When Your Gate Malfunctions

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At Gate Repair Yonkers we would never suggest you try to get your gate moving without the help of a trained professional, yet there are some things to look out for which may affect its operation. When you have to call a service professional for help, it may be useful for you to look around your gate to see if there is anything you can see that is stopping it from working. Since there are moving parts of your gate, you would never want to take unnecessary chances by sticking your hands in between to pull something out. You just never know what you could hit, that might start the gate moving again and could potentially harm you. Safety is one of the most important things to consider whenever you have a gate that isn’t working. You wouldn’t want to do anything that could make the situation any worse than it already is. Here are just a few things that we would suggest you look for, which could be stopping your gate from moving.When Your Gate Malfunctions

A Gate That Won’t Close

You will need to know if the problem is with the gates automated equipment or if it is a mechanical problem. Automated equipment would include its access control, gate opener or safety devices, whereas mechanical would mean that there is a physical issue with the gate or its hardware. You can look at your slide gate to see if you notice a damaged track or broken wheel bearings. If you have a swing gate, you may look to see if your gate arm is damaged or if there are any broken hinges. All of these things will affect the motion of your gate, stopping it from working properly. Once the technician is able to disengage the gate arm and shut off power, they can then try to close the gate. If the gate closes, they will conclude that the problem wasn’t with the gate. At this point, they will further troubleshoot to determine what mechanical problem caused the gate to stop working.

Safety is Important

When you are trying to determine what could be causing the problem you are experiencing, just remember not to try and fix the problem on your own. If there is a mechanical or electrical issue, it is best handled by a trained professional who knows the necessary safety precautions to take.

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