Why Steel and Not Aluminum Gates

Why Steel and Not Aluminum Gates

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Aluminum has been used widely for the construction of fences and gates but not anymore! Its popularity is gone along with its disadvantages. This material might be extra good for frames and other applications but when it comes to your residential and commercial rolling gates, wouldn't you prefer something stronger? Lately, people started investing more and more in their security. Since they invest more money in gates, they expect them to last longer and serve them better. That's why steel gates started prevailing.

Steel is the king of materials

Why Steel and Not Aluminum GatesOne would think that steel wouldn't be so popular since it's much heavier. Heavy materials require stronger and, thus, more expensive openers, more durable and perhaps larger components, extra flexible and strong springs and at least two men labor cost for the rolling gate installation. On the other hand, if you think about it, gates ought to be durable and resistant. Otherwise, why do we need them for? If they were to dent every time a strong wind is visiting our neighborhood or when we are backing with our car, we will have to repair them every other week.

Aluminum will certainly need an average power opener and is surely highly resistant. Consequently, it is ideal for high moisture regions but then again it must be still treated with dipped powder coats that will protect their finishes or it will corrode, too. Steel won the bet the minute manufacturers started working on the material's disadvantage. Steel was always strong but sensitive to humidity. Nowadays, it is dipped in solutions and zinc coated in order to keep the tubes of the rolling gate strong and resistant. It is varnished with proper coats used for automobiles and industrial use and so it can be even more resistant.

With its shortcoming gone, steel became the king of gates. Storefront gates, sliding and overhead ones are manufactured with this material since the demand is greater. Not that you cannot find aluminum or wood overhead gates but investing in steel is certainly wiser since you can have excellent aesthetic results, durability, security and longevity at the same time. It's certainly worth every penny!

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